Long-term support with a monthly donation for adolescents out of the protection system
– $12 / monthly
Cover the costs with the monthly hygiene package for a baby abandoned in the hospital
– $25 / monthly
Cover a psychological therapy session for one of the institutionalized children
– $37 / monthly
Cover an artistic or sports subscription, for one of the institutionalized children
– $49 / monthly
Support a village child with a pair of shoes and seasonal clothes
– $75 / monthly
Cover a basic food package for a disadvantaged family, for 1 month
– $125 / monthly
Over the course of a year, our actions reach the lives of at least 500 babies, children, teenagers, and young people, who have been abandoned or live in very difficult life situations.
For online donations we use the STRIPE Payment Processor. It is the most secure payment processor in the world.